Cold In-Place Recycling (CIPR)

  • Recycling of 3” - 4” of existing pavement, with the addition of asphalt emulsion or foamed asphalt, and optional stone and/or cement.
  • Surface recycling of 2” of existing pavement, with the addition of asphalt emulsion and cement.
  • For use on roads with major surface irregularities, such as potholes, cracks, or wheel rutting.
  • Ideal for a significant length of road surface that has deteriorated beyond the point of surface treatments.
  • A great solution when pavement surface and cross section need to be restored, or heavy pavement build up is present.
  • Improves pavement surface by correcting issues associated with inadequate or excess asphalt content.
  • Increases strength of the road as well as its service life.
  • Conserves energy, asphalt, and aggregate by reusing existing material.

    New England Construction Magazine (November 2020)
    "Pavement Preservation Processes Create Key Cost Savings"
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Full Depth Reclamation

  • Full depth reclamation up to 18” depth, grade, and compaction.
  • Full depth reclamation with stabilization – calcium, emulsion, aggregate, or Portland cement.
  • To recondition pavement, sub base, and shoulder failures.
  • To correct drainage issues and provide revitalization of current roadway materials to create a new sub base layer.
  • When conventional maintenance and/or repair and overlay practices become expensive and do not perform well due to the condition of the underlying structure.
  • Economical method of converting the old pavement structure into a stabilized base.
  • Eliminates cracking, rutting, and pothole formation by stabilizing the sub base.
  • Reshape roadway and create positive drainage with proper cross slope and grade.
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