Asphalt Cement

The Gorman Group supplies various neat asphalts, polymer modified asphalts, and a selection of asphalt additives. Gorman's Asphalt Terminal is supplied by ship, barge, and rail, enabling Gorman to purchase product economically from domestic and international sources. Our 20 million gallon facility supplies a wide variety of certified asphalt cements and asphalt additives throughout New York and New England. By loading directly on weigh scales with 900-gallon-per-minute asphalt pumps, our customers experience the quickest loading time possible. Our state-of-the-art blending system produces on demand customized asphalt products to meet customer needs.

Products Available

Neat Asphalt
  • 64S-22
  • 58S-28
  • 64S-28
Polymer Modified Asphalts
  • 64-22 P
  • 70-22 P
  • 70-28
  • 76-22
  • 76-28
  • 64H-22
  • 64V-22
  • 64E-22
Asphalt Additives
  • EvoTherm Warm Mix
  • Anti Strips
  • Duro Patch 115 (High Performance Patch)

Asphalt Emulsion

The Gorman Group’s emulsion manufacturing facility, Mohawk Asphalt Emulsions, has a total storage capacity of 2.9 Million Gallons and can produce a wide variety of customized asphalt emulsions from cationic to anionic. The facility houses two testing laboratories, a manufacturing operation equipped with a highly accurate computerized blending system, and 38 tanks for storing various liquid products to aid in emulsion manufacturing and storage.

Products Available

Chip Seal
  • RS-1
  • RS-2
  • CRS-2
  • CRS-2PM
Tack Coat
  • CSS-1H
  • CRS-1H
  • RS-1H
  • CQS-1HPB
  • CQS-1HP
Slurry Seal
  • CQS-1H
Paver Placed Surface Treatment (PPST)
  • Ultra Bond
Cold Mix Paving
  • 4 lines of CMS-2
  • HFMS-2
Cold In Place Recycling (CIPR)
  • HFMS-2T
  • CSS-1HT
Stock Pile Patch Material
  • 2 lines of cationic
  • 2 lines of anionic
High Performance Patch Material
  • 5 lines bituminous products

Calcium & Patch Materials

The Gorman Group sells liquid calcium and high-performance patch materials to help maintain roadways during the winter months. Liquid calcium can be blended with rock salt to increase the effectiveness of ice melting, allowing for easier plowing and safe roads for travel. Also available are Cold Patch and Duro Patch materials used to quickly fill potholes and other structural road failures resulting from cold weather patterns and precipitation.


  • High performance, modified cold patch material.
  • Use for filling pot holes.
  • Ideal for repairing trench cuts.
  • Patches localized pavement failures.
  • Performs better than any traditional cold patch in all conditions, even in cold temperatures when pavement is not dry.
  • Material can be stockpiled for over a year.
  • Provides long lasting adhesion to existing pavement.

Liquid Chlorides

  • Liquid calcium chloride corrosion inhibited, liquid calcium chloride with organic based performance enhancer - available in summer (35%) and winter (32%) dilutions.
  • Liquid magnesium chloride corrosion inhibited, liquid magnesium chloride with organic based performance enhancer.
  • To be used on dirt roads for controlling dust.
  • When reclaiming a road and need a stabilizer.
  • For enhancing rock salt effectiveness.
  • Improves stability and minimizes frost damage.
  • Binds aggregate particles to make surface harder and more compact.
  • Wetted salt can reduce overall salt usage by more than 25%.