Economical surface treatment improves durability and extends life of existing pavement

Micro Paving & Slurry Seal

Micro Surfacing and Slurry Seal are thin pavement preservation treatments consisting of a mixture of: asphalt and emulsion, aggregate, mineral filler and water, that dries to a hard black finish.


Candidate Selection

Micro surfacing is a two-lift process, which adds a polymer to the emulsion and can be used on any roadway, regardless of traffic volume.

Slurry Seal is a single lift process, commonly applied on lower volume roadways.

Roads that exhibit low severity cracking, raveling, oxidation, and wheel path rutting up to 1" deep are all candidates for this process. 

Considered a "wearing course", Micro Surfacing and Slurry Seals not only improve the appearance of the existing pavement, but also improve skid numbers and extended roadway integrity.



Micro Surfacing and Slurry Seal both offer superior adhesion to existing pavements and maintain minimal change to pavement elevation and curb reveal.

The Gorman Group now offers the ground breaking option to reinforce Micro Surfaced or Slurry Sealed roads with fiber.

1/4" to 1/2" fiberglass strands can now be cut and mixed into the material as reinforcement, creating an even more durable surface treatment that remarkably minimizes cracking.

Click the links below to visit our YouTube channel and learn more about the benefits of fiber in Micro Surfacing and Slurry Seal applications in the Tensile Test videos.

Fiber Micro Tensile Test Video - No Fiber Inlay

Fiber Micro Tensile Test Video - .2% Fibers (Part 1)

Fiber Micro Tensile Test Video - .2% Fibers (Part 2)




  • Improves pavement durability and extends life
  • Can construct one lane at a time without matching lanes, before opening to traffic
  • Can be applied to mainline only - without shoulder adjustment
  • Minimal change to pavement elevation and curb reveal
  • Highly skid resistant
  • Superior adhesion to existing pavement
  • Micro Surfacing can be used to fill ruts up to 1" deep


Process Video

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